Wanky Wednesday...?

Apparently that’s a thing where you get to perv on me or something. So hit me up, punks. And since basically everyone in the damn world is pissed at me, I need the entertainment.

Private Entry 5

What the fuck have I gotten myself into? Actually… What the fuck is my whole damn life right now, honestly? 

I just got back from Quinn’s house… And fuck, what the hell? I don’t even know what my brain is fucking doing. I’m riding on some stupid, dumb, really awesome high because I kissed her. And she kissed me back. Full on, kissed me back. Like grabbing at my shirt and pulling me closer kissed me back.

And she said my gift was perfect. And there was this… look. I’ve never seen a chick look at me like that and I don’t know what it means. 

I know she’s not gonna choose me. Ever. She’s made that clear… But… Just when I was fucking giving up hope and moving on… So I thought… This shit happens. 

And now there’s Rachel and she’s really cool and I like her and everything… Maybe even a lot. But I can’t just turn off how I feel about Quinn. How I’ve felt about her for fucking months.

Especially not now.

I’m special… And romantic. And sweet. And strong. And Real. 

Or so Quinn says. 

I miss being an asshole who fucked whoever I wanted when I wanted… Or at least… I wish I did.

Phone Call || Puckleberry

Noah: *ringing*

Hooky and Dinner || Puckleberry

To say that Puck was surprised would have been the understatement of the year—hell, the century even! Sure, he and Rachel had spent some time together that one time… But this was going to be a whole day. Puck was going to spend one entire day with Rachel Berry. The most surprising part? It was all his idea. However, he had to admit that he had fun talking with Rachel online. That was easy though. Anyone can interact online, right? Honestly though, what kind of person asks a chick to ditch school with him so that they can both sleep. Nothing about this situation was necessarily normal so Puck decided to shrug it off and just roll with it. After changing out of his pajamas and into jeans and a t-shirt, Puck grabbed his keys and left his empty house. Playing hooky with Rachel Berry… The thought just kept repeating in his mind in different tones. It sparked a lot of emotions—confusion, excitement, and even a little anxiety. His fingers tapped against the wheel as he drove to his destination, body humming more as he got closer. Maybe that was due to the fact that he’d been up more than 24 hours, maybe not. No one really knew. 

His mind flashed back to the bro date that he had had with Finn recently about trying to maybe sorta date Rachel. They hadn’t really specified if tonight was a date or not. Hell, Puck wasn’t even sure that he wanted it to be a date yet. What if they hung out all day and it was just a catastrophic disaster? Of course, he’d still take her out to dinner because that’d be a total douche move if he didn’t. But, it definitely wouldn’t be a date in that case. Then, there was a tiny—really, really tiny—part of him that maybe wanted it to be a date. If Rachel was as chill as she was online in person, it could be really cool. Most of all, it would help him get over her. That wasn’t to say that that was the only reason he wanted it to be a date, but it sure wouldn’t hurt. With all that thinking zooming around in his brain, he realized that he had made it to the school in no time. As he pulled into the parking lot, he spotted the tiny diva exciting the car before the same car promptly sped away. Puck pulled up to the drop off lane and gave Rachel a warm smile through his window before she climbed in. “Ready to play hooky, Berry?” He questioned in a light-hearted tone.

Homework is dumb

But I need my truck.

Gettin’ shit ready for Hanukkah.

What’s up Tumblr?

Today feels like a good day.

Puppy Playdate || Quick

Puck was lamely excited about having Quinn come over to his house to name her puppy. Okay, so maybe buying her a puppy was kind of insane… But, hey! He had to do something. And puppies are the shit. He even got her a little teacup purse puppy. Of course, that puppy was nothing compared to his dog, but he had to admit that it was kind of cute. Especially when it like sneezed or chased its tail. Anyway, he even cleaned his room and everything. That took a lot longer than he thought it would and was a lot more disgusting than it should have been. He didn’t even know that bread could turn that color! However, now, all was clean and tidy and Quinn wouldn’t be completely repulsed by his manliness… As long as she didn’t open his closet. 

Right now, he was perched outside of the girls’ locker room, hidden from plain sight. He watched as girl after girl left the locker room and sent up a silent prayer that Quinn would be the last one out so that he could stop her and give her a ride to his place. It would be easier than her parking blocks over and walking to his house and stuff, he figured. Looks like the big man upstairs was on his side today, because he watched as the entire squad left a few minutes before Quinn finally walked out. He jogged up behind her and caught her by the shoulder, effectively stopping her and turning her to face him. “Looking good out there,” he told her through an uncharacteristically shy smile. “I thought I could give you a ride to my house so that you wouldn’t have to worry about someone spotting your car parked close by. You know, so you can meet your puppy.”